Welcome to the DirectCARE Health Alliance

DirectCARE allows both individuals and employer sponsored health plans to purchase health care services directly from providers. We cut out the middle-man and save the employers 20% to 60% off their health care spend.

We communicate directly to the health providers with fair and reasonable pricing and direct contracts.  You get your choice of a Major Medial health plan with the medical and pharmacy coverage you expect and optional alternatives or gap plans like Indemnity, First Dollar, MEC Compliant (Minimum Essential Coverage), Stand-Alone RX and Direct Primary Care (DPC)

DirectCARE is dedicated to helping members navigate their health care experience. Health plan enrollees never have to question their coverage.

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Care Navigation 

Technology and telephone access to a Care Concierge to answer any questions and provide support including:

Finding a Provider

Confirm network status of providers and coordinate scheduling and transportation


On-Demand Provider Network

See one of 900,000+ contracted providers OR... let us create an on-demand contract for the personal care you seek


Quality Physician Referrals

Receive primary care and specialist recommendations based on patients needs. Confirm availability, appointments and acceptance of payment


Support Direct Contract Options

Maximize the utilization of the high quality, high value providers


Verify Benefits and Coverage

Explains and resolves billing issues, denials and balance bills


Out-of-Pocket Assistance Program

Receive member discounts and payment plans for Out of Pocket expenses


Carrier Agnostic!

Incentive Management  & Proactive Population Health

Incentive Management Program:

  • Continually engage members promotes clinical, emotional, and financial wellness

  • Saves money and increases member satisfaction by supporting Center of Value utilization

  • Reduces employer’s medical spending by + 6% - 12%;

  • Employees save 40% on Out of Pocket & 15%-80% per Episode of Care

  • The only program that supports network optimization, direct contracts and variable incentives

Proactive Population Health Management 

  • Identifies avoidable spending ER, Branded Rx, High Cost Providers

  • Improves Rx Compliance and Reduces Population Health Risk

  • Monitors Screening compliance and identifies gaps in care

  • Offers a proactive outreach program

Get Paid to Save!

CareBond Advanced Funding with AblePay Health


Discounts & Pay Over Time on all Out of Pocket & Deductibles

Let Your employees consolidate all healthcare bills into one convenient payment platform, ensuring payment compliance and discounts.  Choose to pay off over 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.  Communicate with Care Advocates to ensure proper billing, answer any questions and coordinate care. Text HELP to negotiate unexpected costs or to find a preferred provider


Plan Sponsors

3 Year Rate Guarantee on Health Care Costs

The Advanced Funding Model, which is AAA rated (the highest rating), is a turnkey solution joining actuarial sciences, health care benefits specialization, corporate, legal, accounting and asset management into an ERISA compliant grantor trust structure to remove the healthcare benefits expense from the plan sponsor’s balance sheet.  The plan sponsor simply executes a contribution agreement consisting of the Employer and Employee monthly contribution amounts.  CareBond provides all the proprietary documentation, the validated funding amounts, and identifies the financial institution to provide the funding elements.

We Pay Now, You Pay Later ... For Less!