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For Hospitals

Health Plan Builder

Build a full High Performance Network for Key local employers or the community as a whole. Our claims processing infrastructure and network building line of business; securely connects healthcare providers, PPOs, TPAs and payers over the internet so Hospitals can provide rapid, accurate, and cost effective solutions, with reduced redundancy and scalability for future growth of Clinically Integrated Networks


  • Build Infrastructure / Health Plan

  • Gap fill Specialty / National Coverage

  • Differentiate with Value Benefits

  • Market Full Replacement or Side by Side

  • Combine Advanced Funding Options (CareBond)

  • Engage, Educate, Incent, & Advocate

Patient Pay powered by AblePay Health

Stop Chasing Deductibles, Stop unwanted collection calls and paper statement mailings & increase Patient Satisfaction. CareBond is our healthcare consumer benefit that assists our members by providing discounts, flexible and convenient payment options, and the necessary support if patients ever have a question or an issue.  Our goal is to make navigating the healthcare system as painless as possible while eliminating the Hospitals need to chase payments. We assume the liability.  You get Paid!

  • Creates early BRAND adoption in a region

  • Employee Benefit for brokers, employers and your patients

  • Captures entire community population regardless of carrier or insurance model

  • Loyalty through patient advocacy and Closed Loop CarePay payments processing

ValueCare - Centers of Excellence

Create a value based episode of Care Network for your own hospital employees, your community employers and establish your brand as a regional or national center of excellence. We are dedicated to helping our Hospital partners transform the delivery of health benefits with innovative, technology enabled solutions that drive down the total cost of care while promoting better outcomes for everyone

  • Offer Carve-Out Value-Based Contracting

  • Provider Designated Clinical Pathways

  • Goal Setting & Incentive Alignment/Management

  • Episode of Care Claim Aggregation 

  • Single Line Item EOB & Invoicing Available

  • Same Day Payments & TPA Integration

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