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Advanced Funding For Healthcare and Workers' Compensation

Who We Are

Health Plan Optimization Specialists

At CareBond, we help private and public employers take control of their healthcare and workers' compensation costs. Our team understands that change is not always easy and employee/member satisfaction needs to be an equal part of the "employer savings" conversation. 


Building on the Advanced Funding Program built by CareBond principal Jeffrey L. Bemoras in 1995, our team architects integrated cost containment and risk management strategies deployed by companies, hospitals, & health plans across the country and ensures employee education and engagement.


Our team of experts is ready to help you deploy our turnkey model that will convert your volatile health care costs into a more manageable "budgetable" item that could yield significant savings.

Advanced Funding 3-YEAR Guarantee on Healthcare Costs

Enables employers to quantify their future healthcare and workers' compensation costs and transform them from a volatile and unknown variable expense to a totally predictable monthly fixed obligation giving you guaranteed discounts.

The Advanced Funding Model, which is AAA rated (the highest rating), is a turnkey solution joining actuarial sciences, health care benefits specialization, corporate, legal, accounting and asset management into an ERISA compliant grantor trust structure to remove the healthcare benefits expense from the plan sponsor’s balance sheet.  The plan sponsor simply executes a contribution agreement consisting of the Employer and Employee monthly contribution amounts.  CareBond provides all the proprietary documentation, the validated funding amounts, and identifies the financial institution to provide the funding.

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