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Healthcare Costs are a Concern! 

• Medical bills are one of the largest expenses we face as consumers. It causes many Americans undue stress and can potentially lead to credit issues.

• This lack of discretionary income impacts your quality of life. The inability to pay can lead to avoidance of medical care and can drive up total costs down the road.

• Our members are saving hundreds of dollars on bills and have the flexibility to choose terms that meet their financial needs. Sign-up is easy and at no cost.

• Understanding and navigating medical billing is difficult. What to pay? Is the charge correct? 


Why Sign up for AblePay?

• Save Money! Our Members save up to 13% on their deductibles and coinsurance. 

• We offer flexible payment options to make paying your medical bills easier than ever!

• Having relationships throughout the medical industry we are able to get answers and resolve issues quickly. We advocate for our members, so if you ever have a question or a problem, we are a phone call away to help. 

• All medical bills are stored in the member portal, eliminating stacks of paper and providing easy access. Member bills are paid directly through your secure portal with a click of a button, eliminating the need to write multiple checks.


Healthcare Costs Too Much!


• "Health Insurance in the US now costs a family of four $26,000 per year"*, $26,000 for health insurance? These numbers are unsustainable and affecting your bottom line.

• Employers have been left with no choice but to shift cost onto employees in the form of deductible and coinsurance.

• Medical debt puts financial pressure on your employee and their families, decreases disposable income, and lowers morale.

• The high costs of care are causing some to avoid seeking medical treatment.


*Milliman Medical Index

Why Partner with AblePay?

Employers want the best for their employees, yet the shifting costs of health care potentially puts more burden on the employee, not only financially, but also physically as some avoid seeking treatment to avoid the cost of care.


We work directly with Human Resources, the representing broker and/or a company designate, to provide AblePay as a voluntary benefit, so every employee, full time, part time, and regardless if they receive health insurance benefits through the business can take advantage of the benefits and save money on deductibles and coinsurance.  


Have they visited your company yet?


AblePay Helps Your Clients Save Money!


• Employers are forced to make tough decisions regarding the health insurance options, potentially shifting more costs on the employee each year.


• Provide added value to your clients by offering the AblePay benefits to soften the blow on higher deductible plans, and providing an additional resource to address problems and issues. ​

How AblePay Works With Brokers


AblePay understands the value and importance of your relationships, and that clients look to you in making decisions regarding all aspects of the benefit process. You can now add AblePay Health as another valuable tool to your product offerings.

Discounts: We allow you to help your employer clients save money directly, or indirectly through the employees that work for the organization.

Flexibility & Convenience: Our program offers flexible terms and convenient payment methods.

Advocacy: We add one more level of support to your clients, insuring their needs are met on every level.


Patients Do Not Have The Money


According to, “69% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings and can’t afford an unexpected $500 expense”. This fact has led to increasingly higher expenses and has resulted in dramatically longer open receivable times.

While patients never forget receiving quality medical care, their last encounter with the provider is typically receiving an invoice. The one thing that most providers admittedly agree, they don’t do very well. 

Patients are jaded by the Healthcare Industry. There is a perception that the industry as a whole is looking to take advantage of them when they are most vulnerable.

AblePay Solution


• Our members trust us, they know we are looking out for their best interests. Outside of the physician/patient relationship,  we are closer to our Members than anyone representing the provider may ever be. 

• Acting as a secondary payer, we guarantee payment within two weeks of the claim being adjudicated by the insurance  carrier.


• We decrease your costs by eliminating paper statements and collection calls, allowing for better staff utilization.


• There is no recourse!


• There are no changes to your current internal processes, we are another tool to make things easier for you in completing  the patient cycle.

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