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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does an organization need to provide CareBOND Advanced Funding to receive a proposal?
    Authorization and directive to the plan payer for 100% data collection/interface Minimum Data: previous three years of Health Care costs​​​ The average number of employees in each year A Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  • How is the CareBond Advanced Funding program implemented?
    Phase 1: Actuarial Analysis, Assessment and Report (10 – 15 days) Analysis of claims data & vendor mapping Review of current benefit costs Review of previous three years of utilization history Interview designated senior executives to gain perspective of the goals and objectives of projected costs and savings Itemization of projected costs and savings Summary of results and savings presented to executive group Underwriting Phase 2: Vendor Negotiation, Funding and Implementation (30 – 45 days) Develop and review the implementation plan Assist with internal approvals Establish PayerID with CareBOND DirectCONNECT Establish Employee Discount Accounts with CareBOND PatientPAY Lead negotiations with vendors regarding long-term discounts Secure capital markets term financing for the transaction Preparation of transaction contracts and documentation Establish Trust and appoint a Trustee Implementation and execution of the transaction
  • What does the CareBond Advanced Funding Program provide an organization?
    Analyze historic costs and trends Use of actuarial modeling to establish and predict costs over a three to five year period Provides all proprietary documentation for the special purpose trust Identifies a financial institution to provide funding for the Trust, and will receive monthly payments from the Trust Pre-fund the predicted costs in the capital markets for three to five year borrowing Structure a fixed monthly payment, providing long term planning and budget predictably Establish and maximize a significant Reserve Fund within the Trust Establish a Proprietary Data Interface with the Carrier Claims System & DirectConnect; the bridge and infrastructure for claims and billing coordination/oversight
  • What other ongoing services are provided for the term of the engagement?
    Quarterly reports are generated and meetings convened monitoring all financial factors that affect both fixed and variable costs. Patient Pay accounts ongoing setup and management Optional: Concierge Care Navigation Incentive Management Billing and Member Advocacy (including bill negotiations) Custom Network Building and Provider Contracting Insights ongoing analytics platform for actionable savings opportunities and trend management (coordinated with broker/consultant/plan sponsor’s existing tools)
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